The Year of the Dog Forecast for Donald Trump

Donald Trump POTUS

So, Mr. Trump is in a difficult phase of life. His current Luck Cycle is far from lucky. The visiting animal of a Yin Metal Ox arrived November 15, 2013 and is in place until 2023. The Metal fights with his Yang Fire Dog in the Year Pillar. The Ox clashes with his Day Pillar Sheep in a most vicious way making him sick and shaky and also weakening his marriage. All of this drains the strong Fire that feeds his Earthy self which is excessively strong, representing almost 60% of his energetic make up (normal range is 15 – 25%).  So yeah, truly we have as our President a self-obsessed, egomaniac who works like a dictator. This is who he is. Now the worst of this is probably the Three Punishments that occur when 3 Earth Animals all run into each other like a string of mountain ranges – boom, boom, boom! Ox in his Luck Cycle crashing into the Day Sheep and his Year Dog wreaking havoc on his life and draining him of life force.

The Earth Dog Year foretells:

  • Fan Yin afflicts his chart as the Yang Earth Dog is offended by his Fire Dog in his Year 1946
  • This year’s Dog worsens the impact of the Three Penalties or Punishments causing all kinds of struggle with his marriage, family, health, and overall wellbeing
  • There is a blow to his revenue and loss of income likely – this is the Yang Earth influence and it is doubled this year – kaching….ka gone
  • The Dog creates Fire with his Month Pillar Horse which could prove to be helpful at a time with so much is working against him and this is all before he gets out of the bed in the morning
  • Some celebrations are noted
  • If he is able to count his blessings he’d see how fortunate his life is
  • He has some lessons to learn, and he would be wise to seek counsel with sage, experienced individuals
  • Faith is another small component there to remind him that there is a bigger plan and more to life than just wealth and acquisitions

A quick look into the Earth Pig of 2019

The Yin Earth speaks directly to him and his big happy ego – forget Fat Cat, this is a Fat Pig enjoying his circle of padres, while feeling boosted up in confidence, ability, independence, and determination. The Pig brings in major wealth, moving, travel, changes to his empire of properties, and a focus on his marriage. His daughters will play a larger role or be more influential. He will be busy juggling all that his work, home, and family demand of him. This is a new beginning for him which makes me wonder if 2018 doesn’t bring impeachment.