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Nature is Medicine

When was the  last time you spent time in nature? Summertime is such an incredible invitation to get outside and play – hiking, biking, walking, canoeing, swimming, meditating, reading, painting, photographing, climbing trees, hugging trees….There is SO much to do and you don’t have to be active, you can just sit with it. Have you […]


3 Little Things that Make a BIG Difference

How can finding peace within your Self seem so complicated? Why do we push ourselves all day, day after day, until we are sick or so disconnected that we don’t recognize ourselves? Life is so simple, we complicate it. Connecting to peace within ourselves is also really simple, we just have to train ourselves to […]


How I Became Nitya

I know in that way of knowing something without actually knowing it that I have always been a deeply spiritual person.  As a child my religion was nature and my church. They both opened my heart and gave me a freedom of soul that I craved without realizing I was craving it. It was just […]


A Child’s Journey into Yoga

It was back in September of 2012, my daughter was attending Sabot at Stony Point and in 7th grade. After I dropped her off for school I would spend many mornings for about a month parked on the campus grounds to write what would become A Child’s Journey into Yoga. It was effortless, as if the pencil […]