Yoga with Nitya DVD and “A Child’s Journey into Yoga”



Packaged together for the ultimate gift or yoga resource for your child or classroom.

The Yoga with Nitya DVD features 4 full length 30 min. classes that takes you on a story adventure through the 4 seasons. Full soundtrack and captivating photography enhance the colorful classroom setting with Nitya and some of her star little yogis. Created for kids ages 3 – 9

“A Child’s Journey into Yoga” is Nitya’s first published book that tells the story of Mica, an eight year old girl who learns all about what yoga is through various events, adventures, and social interactions. Based on the core sutras of Patanajali, this book offers rich life lessons and instills yoga philosophy as a path to live yoga. Parents and teachers will delight in the many activities that accompany nearly every chapter as a tool for more deeply illuminating the lessons and information.  Reading level of 3rd grade and up