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Meditation on 12/12/12

I went outside this morning to connect to Mother Earth and Father Sky. I laid out a quilt and I laid out my body. I aligned my cells to Mother Earth, I connected my Spirit to Father Sky. And I watched the clouds, I watched and heard the birds. I’ve been holding onto a deep […]

Mind-full-ness Yoga

Mind – Full – Ness Being present in the space of each perfect moment of life is to walk The Path of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Gurus, and Yogis throughout the course of time. It is not difficult to begin the journey on this Path. It is not difficult to stop and begin to notice that as […]

This Golden Moment

We stand up from our cushions, our altars, our places of peace and the security of home. We walk out into the day of traffic, meetings, shopping, driving, and seemingly endless doing. How do we maintain that center of peace we evoke in our practice with this barrage of sound, motion, emotion, and activity? I was driving […]


Change is the point at which we have a choice to grow – Embracing – Surrendering – Allowing This very Now Moment is the seed from which the next moment connects. In the darkness of the Unknown breathe – Breathe – Release. In the dawning Light of Acceptance, breathe – Breathe – Embrace. Open your […]

With Gratitude

Saturday November 10, 2013 was the day of the “Yoga with Nitya” DVD release party. We held this momentous celebration in the same beautiful room where the DVD was filmed at the Orchard House School. It was humbling to see so many families come out to show their support, love and devotion to me as their child’s […]