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Approaches for Helping Kids Deal with Stress

I have been blessed by teaching 2 children private classes in their homes. The first is a young boy with anger management issues. We will call him Z. I am teaching him to breathe as a tool to feel in control when the world around him feels out of control. Each yoga pose we hold […]

Climbing the Jewel Tree

As a child on a Spiritual Path we first stand at the Roots of the Jewel Tree. We look up in Wonder and that is the moment of Realization. We suddenly see beyond our limited reality. We begin to climb and discover the first easily accessible branches. These are the first Teachers we encounter who […]

On a Rainy Day

On a rainy day like today I feel called from my desk to sit in my rocking chair, the same rocking chair my mother rocked me in in when I was an infant, and sit looking out into the gray fuzzy morning. I’d cradle my warm cup of tea, tea that a friend gave me, and each […]

A Winter Deep Relaxation Story for Children

Lie flat on your back and close your eyes. Breathe into your legs, hold your breath and squeeze your legs tight, tight, tight – let them go…ah! Now breathe into your hands and make them into fists, squeeze your arms and hold your breath – let them go…ah! Put your hands on your belly and […]

Feng Shui for the New Year – Part 2 The Luo Shu Chart

The Year of the Snake 2013 Feng Shui            North 6 1 8 7 5 3 2 9 4            South Black 1 Water in the NORTH Romance Star brings dating opportunities, having fun, romance and travel, also success over competition, promotion and career success CURES to Enhance: For better relationships, romantic and professional, place […]

Meditation on 12/12/12

I went outside this morning to connect to Mother Earth and Father Sky. I laid out a quilt and I laid out my body. I aligned my cells to Mother Earth, I connected my Spirit to Father Sky. And I watched the clouds, I watched and heard the birds. I’ve been holding onto a deep […]

Mind-full-ness Yoga

Mind – Full – Ness Being present in the space of each perfect moment of life is to walk The Path of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Gurus, and Yogis throughout the course of time. It is not difficult to begin the journey on this Path. It is not difficult to stop and begin to notice that as […]

This Golden Moment

We stand up from our cushions, our altars, our places of peace and the security of home. We walk out into the day of traffic, meetings, shopping, driving, and seemingly endless doing. How do we maintain that center of peace we evoke in our practice with this barrage of sound, motion, emotion, and activity? I was driving […]


Change is the point at which we have a choice to grow – Embracing – Surrendering – Allowing This very Now Moment is the seed from which the next moment connects. In the darkness of the Unknown breathe – Breathe – Release. In the dawning Light of Acceptance, breathe – Breathe – Embrace. Open your […]